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Cold Nostalgia -17-


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Reem sat on her couch.. she felt so bad for shutting Ali down, but she was so mad at him, she really doesn’t understand him and she's trying so hard to but he's not even giving her the chance!
She kept staring at her mobile.
Reem: yumaaaa!!!! Yal sakheef ma t3arif t6ig elbab?
Mishary: 6agata bas ma radaitay!
Reem sighed and sat straight.
Mishary: shfech?
Reem: mafene shay inta shfek?
Mishary: olla shda3wa mnafsa chithi?
Reem smiled: mo mnafsa bas ta3bana
Mishary: shele mta3bich?
Reem:  el jam3a!!
Mishary: 3an eldala3 yalla! ma midakoum bidaitaw!
Ali sat on the bench and watched everyone walking in and out of their classes. He just sat there..alone and he didn’t mind it.
He thought about his life, his parents, Reem, he really didn’t need something new that would complicate his life even more.
He needs to sort things out with his father, he needs to get back home, to his mother, room, car and life.
He wanted to go back to his old life without having to deal with the people that were in it!
"Tfakir bel 7ooooooooob?"
Ali laughed and looked to his right: el 7oob?
Faisal: eee, sayartik!
Ali: ohhhh thakartne!! Shlon 3al sayara?
Faisal: wana bil class 6arat 3ala bali fikra,, tadre ba3ad kint 7adi mrakiz wiya el dictor o mo sar7an
Ali laughed: gool el fikra ikhlii9!
Faisal: agol 7ag omik ina elsayara 9arlha muda ma ta7arikat o akhaf tikhtirib fa bakhith'ha a6ig feha cham fara
Ali raised an eyebrow: la wala?
Faisa laughed: inta imsh bas imsh!
Reem grabbed her car key and walked to the door.
"Reema wain ray7a yuba?"
Reem: baftar bil sayara shway
Reem's father knew his daughter too well, he knew that if she needed to think about something she'd cruise in her car and think about it.
Father: ok 7abebte
Reem smiled and walked out.
Ali looked at the streets and houses of Qortuba, he missed it, he missed home, he missed his mother, he missed the fact that he had a life, he had people to live for but they let him down.
Ali: la tasfi6 jidam baitna akhaf ashof a7ad
Faisal: ya salam! Ya3ni asfi6 o anzil mashe?
Ali: f9ail isfi6 shway b3eed inzil mashe ikhith sayarti o ro7 baitkoum wana al7igik ib sayartik!!
Faisal sighed: wala kil hatha mala ma3na! inzil o bas khali9 elmawtho3! Lay mita wenta khash nafsik 3an ahalik?
Ali: OHH! F9ail btkhali9 elmawtho3 wala bit'thilne o bas?
Faisal: IFFFFF kani banzil !
Faisal slammed the door and walked to Ali's place.
Ali could feel his heartbeat in his ears, Faisal rang the bell and waited.
Rose opened the door for Faisal with a big smile on her face.
Rose laughed.
Rose: she's inside
Faisal walked to the living room: khaltiii!! KHALTI!!
Ali's mother stood up: hala faisal hala yuma.. ta3al ana dakhil
Faisal: shakhbarich yal 7ub?
Ali's mother smiled: bkhair 7abebe int shlonik? Shlon omik?
Faisal: bkhair kilina bkhair! Agol khalti bakhti9ir o bidon laf o dawaran o anhe el mas2ala ele yay 3ashanha?
Ali's mother smiled: law 3indi banat chan gilt yay tkha6ib 3ala hal 7achwa!
Faisal laughed: obb obbb la ya m3awda!! Khalene chethe mirta7!
Ali's mother smiled.
Faisal: inzain bagool
Ali's mother laughed: gool!
Faisal: china el land 3afan bara?
Ali's mother sighed and looked away: 6ab3an be3afin, 9a7ba hada o ma yadri la 3ana wala 3an ahala
Faisal felt so bad for Ali's mother but he just wanted to cheer her up: ummm shraych akhtha? a7arik elsayara shway! Ma tiswa 3alaikooum tikhtirb!
Ali's mother went silent for a few minutes and kept staring at Faisal, which made him really nervous.
Faisal: umm ha khalti shraych?
Ali's mother: Faisal
Faisal: i7im.. na3am?
Ali's mother: Ali bil Kuwait?
Faisal froze in his place walain
Ali's mother teared up but she quickly whipped away her tears, Faisal felt so bad!!
Faisal: khalti tikfaain 3a6ene el mifta7 o khalene atwakal 3ala allah!
Ali's mother: ma jawabt so2ale
Faisal sighed: khalti tikfaain
Ali's mother: Faisal!! Inta ele tikfa jawib so2ale!
Faisal sighed he went silent for a few minutes sighed, looked at Ali's mother.
Faisal: Ali bara… ib sayarti
Ali's mother stormed out and Faisal rushed behind her.
Ali kept his eyes on his house, he missed it, he missed everything about it, he was staring at the door when he suddenly saw his mother storming out, she was looking around..she looked so sad.
He felt that his heart was going to stop beating in any second, he pulled himself together and got out of the car and walked towards her.
She saw him and tears didn’t stop falling from her eyes.
Ali's eyes started watering, he really missed his mother, she had nothing to do with anything that happened to him, it was all his father and cousin.
His mother held him in her arms and cried her eyes out.
"shlon 6awi3ik galbik t'hid omik?! Shlon? La asma3 9otik wala 7ata ashoofik!! Shlon?!!"
Ali put his head in his mothers chest and he couldn’t help but cry, it's been two years, he missed her smell, her voice, he just missed everything about his mother.
Faisal: bas 3aad!! la ana abche waglibha mana7a ba3ad!!
Ali's mother smiled, he missed seeing her smile, her eyes were so sad and she looked so tired, he knew that it was because he was away for so long.
Ali's mother: yalla yuma ta3al dakhil
Ali took a few steps back.
His mother sighed: obok mo bil bait
Ali: yuma 3a6ene mifta7 elsayara o khalene amshe!
Mother: Ali ma midane-
Ali: yuma ta3alay bait faisal o ag3ad wiyach hnak tikfaain
Ali looked around.
His mother sighed: al7een ayeblik elmifta7
Hey I'm really sorry about today, I didn’t mean to be harsh!
Ali sat in his car and smiled, he couldn't believe that he finally saw his mother he missed her so much but he never had the courage to step a foot in his house..
He suddenly remembered that he didn’t reply on Reem's dm, he grabbed his mobile and wrote down a reply.
Reem! Shift omi!!
Reem smiled, she knew that Ali haven’t seen his family in two years so she was really glad that he finally went back home.
Akheran ur back home!? I'm so happy for u :D
Nafseta taghayrat!
I'm not back home, I just saw my mother.
Oh, yallah elmohim u saw her!
Ali parked his car and put his head on the driving wheel, he had no idea what was his next step or what would he do.
He smiled at his mobile, he really didn’t know why he told Reem about his mother but he just did!
Ma shikartich about what u said! U weren’t harsh I kind of deserved it :p
Mane 7abha, 3adi she's just a friend la akbar el mawtho3!
LOOL mn na7yat u deserved it u really did!!
Ali smiled.
Yah tawich tgoolen ur sorry al7en I deserve it? Thulm :p
Reem laughed.
Ana ma athlim a7ad :p I'm a kind and sweet human being.
Ali laughed.
Reem gasped and laughed.
What did that aha mean? :p mo miqtini3? :O
Ali smiled, he wasn’t expecting this conversation to happen!
Miqtni3 ma gilt shay, ela etha entay shaka ib 3umrch hatha shay thane…
Reem laughed, He really made her smile with his replies.
Bas la t7i6le hal nigaa6….!!!!
Ali smiled.
Ay niga6…..
Reem laughed really hard.
Maleq :)
Ali raised an eyebrow.
Not true, etha kint maleeq you wouldn’t be laughing.
Reem's eyes widened shdarah?
I'm not laughing. Good night Ali.
Ali smiled.
Good night Reem.




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