Sunday, April 8, 2012

Cold Nostalgia -18-


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Reem opened her eyes with a smile on her face, she stretched her arms.. grabbed her mobile and went through her timeline.
She read Ali's complaining tweets about the university, she laughed and got out of bed.
La la la mazajik ma7a9alish!! Momkin a3arf laish?
Ali laughed: mo el 7ob radatle?
Faisal: EL7OOOB?
Ali looked around: osh fitha7tna!! El7oob sayarti!
Faisal: waaih 3abali 3indik salfa!!
Heading out.
Ali tweeted and walked to the door, He felt his mobile vibrate.
Ali smiled, it was a direct message from Reem.
Oh and don’t flatter urself, abe ur parking.
Ali laughed and shook his head and wrote down a reply.
Hmmm 9aba7 elkhair?
Reem laughed at herself dafsha mako fayda fene!!
i7im 9aba7 elnoor Ali, please don’t leave I need ur parking. Thank you.
Ali smiled.
Land aswad, thalith row.
Reem smiled.
Laish lal7en ma 6ala3t?
Ali was busy with his mobile: uhh na6ir Reem ba36eeha masfi6i
He lifted his head and found Faisal in the seat beside him.
Faisal: REEM?
Ali: bismallah elra7man elra7eem!
Faisal: mno Reeem?
Ali: wa7da
Faisal: ahhh hathe nafs'ha elwa7da ele bil parking? Wehya nafs'ha elwa7da ele kil ma tshofha titbosam? O kil ma gitlik gitle wa7da? Ha?
Ali: Faisal
Faisal: na3am?
Ali: 3a6ne mgafak o roo7 classik
Faisal: O RABI KINT 7AAS!!
Ali laughed: gilna 3a6na mgafaak!
Faisal: mashe ya 3laiwi mashe!!
Ali smiled.
Wana bil bait, enjoy finding a parking :D
Ali laughed.
Third row, land aswad,
Reem smiled ashwa! 
Ali walked out to his car, He looked around and found Reem in her car she had a wide smile on her face and she waved at him.
He smiled and got in his car, and drove off.
Reem kept staring at the professor with a blank face, ugh hatha shegol?
She grabbed her mobile, replied to her friends chats, went through the timeline.
Hi, I'm bored.
Reem sent Ali a dm with a huge smile on her face.
"Ola sh'hal ebtisama?"
Reem looked at Salma and giggled: ay ibtisama?
Salma giggled and pointed at Reem's face: hathe!
Reem giggled and pointed at her face: hathe?
"Would you like to continue your conversation out of my class?!"
Reem's eyes winded, the professor was talking to her and Salma, He looked at them and pointed to the door.
Reem: yalla gomay bsr3a la yghayir raya wega3idna
Salma giggled and walked out after Reem.
I got kicked out of class, not bored anymore.
Ali opened his eyes and found his mother sitting on the couch in front of him.
Ali: yuma?
He looked around.
Mother: la tkhaf lal7eenik ib bait Faisal
Ali smiled: shlonch?
Mother: bkhair ent shlonik?
Ali: bkhair
Ali walked to his mother and put his head on her lap.
Ali: yuma
Mother: hala yuma
Ali: tadren ene ga3d akamil masters?
His mother nodded: adri
Ali: madri lay mita batim 3ind Faisal o yuma-
Ali smiled and shook his head.
Mother: weeh weeh weeh sh3indik itibosam?
Ali: yuma uhh madri shlon agolha!
Mother: el salfa feha bnaya?
Ali laughed: ihya bas ummm bas-
Mother: wa7da min elrabi3?
Ali laughed at his mother and nodded.
Ali stretched his hand grabbed his mobile and smiled when he saw a twitter notification.
Ali laughed, he knew that it was a dm from Reem.
You got kicked out of class? I'm proud of you.. I'm very proud.
Ali put his mobile on the coffee table and sat straight.
Ali: umm yuma, Majed lal7en yshtghil wiya oboy?
His mother sighed and nodded.
Ali: Majed shlona?
Mother: sima3t ina beyla baby 3an greeb
Ali gave his mother a sarcastic laugh: o Heba shakhbarha?
Mother: ya yuma ya Ali laish tfakir fehoum? Al7een enshghil eb derastik!!
Ali: bas at6aman 3alaihoum…mo ohwa okho dinya wihya…
Ali looked away: ihya Heba..
Ali needed to let go the past so he can live the present and have a better future, he needed to release his anger and let it go but he had no idea how to do it.


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