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Scarred -Finale-


*This is the last part of the story! I might start a new story after Eid or maybe after that, I'm not sure yet!

*Thank you ALL for the comments, love and support!!


"Yaaaal di3la!!! shrayich sha3ri 7ilo?"

AlZainah look through her closet "LAAA!!"

Jana giggled: sakheefa!! shda3wa shiftene!!

AlZainah: Janaaa youzaay 3ani tara mali khilg!! Mani fahma laish ma sawaitooha ib baitkom!

Jana: wala ma tist7een! Plus ga3deen yabnoon ib baitna o 3afsa!! fashla!

AlZainah pulled out a ruffled top and skinny pants: balbis hatha

Jana: la? libsay pajama a7san!

AlZainah giggled and pulled out a dress: hatha?

Jana: iyanin!!

Jana is AlZainah's cousin.

AlZainah: mnu biye?

Jana: ahala o ahalna! kil 3azayim elta3aruf chithi!

AlZainah: adre bas mnu min ahala?

Jana: atwaqa3 3amata o khalata o bait'hom

AlZainah: his cousins?

Jana shrugged her shoulder: madre

AlZainah put on her black lace dress and pearl earrings.

Jana: 7adi mitwatra!! takhyalay wa7da min 3amata wala khalata tgoula waai3 shmala kha6abt hathe?

AlZainah laughed: intay shnu mako thiqa? o 7ata lu galaw!! dam ohwa mu3jaab feech mara7 y2athir feh rayhom!

Jana nodded: 9a7

AlZainah: el3azeema bil istiqbal wala el7adeeqa? etha 7adeeqa balbis wedge!! mali khilg elka3aab yghooo9 bil zar3!!

Jana giggled: madre!! atwaqa3 bil istiqbal! 7ar bara

AlZainah nodded and put on her black heels.

Jana: mara7 tsaween sha3rich?

AlZainah looked at her wavy hair in the mirror: ma yamde! o a9lan 3ajbne!

Jana: okaay kaifch!

AlZainah grabbed her phone, it was 8:30pm, she sighed.

Bilsalama Hamad! 

She texted Hamad, She wanted him to feel guilty but he had all the right to leave for a while. Her mother was really harsh with him.


Jana grabbed AlZainah's hand: yalaaaaaa!! 7adi khayfa!!

Jana was rushing downstairs and AlZainah walked after her.

AlZainah felt her mobile vibrate, it was a text from Hamad.

Allah ysalmch!
Zayon, I'm really sorry

AlZainah felt her heart sink to her belly, she put a smile on and greeted everyone.

Jana: china 6awilaw?!

AlZainah giggled: takhylay hawan?

Jana: Faaal alllah wala falich!!

Mother: Zayona please chaykay 3ala el buffet o ina kilshay mratab!

AlZainah: bil 7adeqa?

Her mother nodded.

AlZainah took of her heels and wore flip flops and walked outside.

Jana: Zayoon!! al7een iyon o tistaqblaainhom ib flip flop?

AlZainah giggled: 9arlich sa3aa tgoleen al7eeen biyon o ma yaw!! 3ala 7athe biyon wana labsa flip flops?

Jana laughed.

AlZainah walked outside to the garden, the table settings and lighting were elegant and romantic, She smiled.

She grabbed a chair and sat down as the workers were setting the food.

AlZainah closed her eyes, a lot was going through her mind, Hamad, graduation, her mother. She opened her eyes and looked at the pool.

She was so tempted to jump, AlZainah giggled.

Everything was perfect, she turned around and froze in her place. She quickly closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She opened her eyes again, nothing changed.

AlZainah: one two three

AlZainah closed her eyes with her hands, She felt someone move her hands away from her face.

AlZainah: shga3id y9er?

"Mu 3indkom 3azeema?"

AlZainah nodded.


AlZainah nodded.

"3ashan ahal elmi3ris yt3rfon 3ala ahal el3arous?"

AlZainah nodded.

"Ana elmi3ris wintay el3arous"

AlZainah: Hamad

Hamad smiled: 3youn Hamad

AlZainah: tara etha ga3id tista3bi6 aw titghashmar 7ada ma ytha7ik

Hamad laughed.

AlZainah: a7is galbi ib yougaaf

AlZainah let go of Hamad's hand and sat on the first chair she passed by.

Hamad grabbed a chair and sat in front of her, AlZainah pinched his hand.

Hamad laughed: a7 a777 laaaish?!

AlZainah: bat2akad ina 9ij!

Hamad laughed: tagri9eeen 3umrch ma tagr9ene ana!!!

AlZainah: gara9tik la2ana lu 9ij abeek tit3awar!!

Hamad laughed.

AlZainah: Hamad shilsalfa? shga3id y9er?

Hamad: kil ele 9ar dakhil tamtheel, adre ina Jana 9ij makh6oba bas ahal rayilha mara7 yzoronkom el yooum.. ahale ana ele bezoron

AlZainah: Hamad o omi?! Omi 3fisat el dinya ams!!!

Hamad: tamtheel

AlZainah: na3am??!!

Hamad: Zayon

AlZainah took a deep breath.

Hamad: lama om Faisal yat kalimat omch, omich wafiqat

AlZainah: bas-

Hamad: oshhh o sim3ene!

AlZainah nodded.

Hamad: dagat 3alay omch o galatli ina mwafga o ina oboch ba3ad mwafiq

AlZainah nodded.

Hamad: giltlaha tmashe 3alaich filim inha lal7en rafthatne o bas

AlZainah: bas?

Hamad smiled: message elkhi6ba zahib.. na6ren muwafaqtich o bedizona

AlZainah giggled.

Hamad: ndiza?

AlZainah shrugged her shoulders: madre

Hamad: ZAYON!! tikfaaain wala mu nagi9 kil ele 9ar kafi wizyada!!!

AlZainah: tadre ine 6oul el lail ams wana abche?

Hamad: lay hal daraja t7bene?

AlZainah blushed and stood up: waay sh'hal thiqaa!!

Hamad laughed: ib ma7alhaa wala laa?

AlZainah giggled: LA!!

AlZainah was walking to the door when she realised she was wearing flip flops: Hamad!!!!

Hamad: shfeech!!

AlZainah: shouuf!

AlZainah pointed at her feet, Hamad laughed.

Hamad: Zayoon!!!

AlZainah: waay shfeeeek!!!!!

Hamad laughed and pointed behind her: shofay

AlZainah turned around and found her heels beside the door: Aked Jana!!

Hamad opened the door, AlZainah walked behind him, They greeted everyone.

AlZainah gave her mother a hug: mashkooraa mama

AlZainah giggled when she saw her friends, they rushed towards her and gave her a group hug, The girls sat down and AlZainah sat beside them.

Latifa: 7aram shofaw Jennifer thay3a

Sara giggled: barou7 aga3ad yamha!

Hessa: intay heey shtabeen ga3da yamna?

AlZainah laughed: wain aga3ad ballah?

Latifa: gomaay irtazay yam raylich!!

AlZainah blushed: lal7en ma 9ar rayle!!

Hamad's mother smiled at her: Zayona mama ta3alay gi3day yami

AlZainah smiled and walked towards Hamad's mother, She sat beside her and Hamad.

AlZainah whispered: Hamad

Hamad: hala

AlZainah: awkwaaaard

Hamad laughed: jaaaad

AlZainah: mnu ga3id iyaabib?

AlZainah looked to her left and saw her grandmother, she giggled: tshawig!!

AlZainah looked at Hamad, He didn't take his eyes off of her.

AlZainah: Hamad bas!!

Hamad smiled: shnu ele bas!!

AlZainah: laa tkhiz!!

Hamad smiled, he couldn't believe that AlZainah was going to be his wife, She loved him even when he was cold and trying to push her away, She was his childhood friend, the only person he kept thinking about for 15 years, his motivation, his strength, the love of his life, and the girl who gave him a scar and the one that healed it.

-The End-


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  1. The perfect ending to the perfect story! Absolutely loved it!! Alzainah and Hamad are THE perfect couple, no matter how many ups and downs they had to go through! So sad that this story came to an end :( can't wait for your next one though! Thank you for the wonderful story!

    With love,
    A Girl (@AGirlBlogging)

    1. Thank you so much! 7adhoooom! Exactly!
      Thank you for your wonderful comment;**

  2. AMAZING!!! the story was perfect and the ending was even better. I really enjoyed this story and literally can't wait for the next one keep going x

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      He is!! I'll be writing a new story after Eid enshallah ;D

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