Thursday, April 28, 2011

Come back when you can -FINALE-


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2. Wayed s2alone if i'll write a story after this, O enshallah I will bas mu al7een!! Ya3ni so far no inspiration, bas enshallah it will hit me soon ;p

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-After two years-

Mubarak leaned on the cold wall of the hospital, he closed his eyes.

Basma rushed towards him: Mubarak

Mubarak: ra7 tmoot *gasp* ra7 tmoot

Basma: Mubarak la tgool chithi

Mubarak hit his fist against the wall, and leaned on the wall till he reached the floor.

 Basma: Mubarak 7abebe goom… la tig3ad 3al arth goom

 Mubarak sighed and closed his eyes.

 Basma turned around and looked helplessly at S3ood, he walked towards them.

S3ood put his hand on Mubarak's shoulder: afa yal burk afa! 9al 3al nibi

Mubarak: 3alaih el 9alat wil salam

S3ood sat beside Mubarak, Basma sighed and sat on the chair in front of them.

Mubarak: magdar a5asirha Sa3ood magdar

S3ood: adri *sigh* awal ma 6alagt Basma 9akat fene el dinya.. ma kint akil 3adil wala anam 3adil wala asawi ay shay! Ib 5asarat.ha 7asait ine 5asart el dinya Kilha! O '3air chithi i7timal inha tmoot kan ib bali kil youm… *sigh* 5ula9at el 7ache! Fahim sh3orik bas ako farg baini o bainik

Basma smiled, S3ood really loves her and she can see and feel it every day!

Mubarak: shil farg?

S3ood: lama ana t3abat nafsete Basma ma kanat 9a7ya 3ashan tshoofne… kanat ib '3aybooba… ama Ghalya fa kaahe! 9a7ya tisma3 o tshoof witla7th

Basma: Barok ihya ra7at America o ma 5alitik tkon ma3aha 3ashan ma tith3af chithi! O lama da5iltlik ib 7ayat.ha mara thanya o 9arat murtik tha3aft jidamha!! Mubarak la7ith nafsik inta ryoolik mu gadir tshelhoum!

Mubarak sighed.

 Basma put her hand on her belly, she didn’t want her baby to be born in these sad and dramatic days for her family, she really wanted everything to go back on track soon.

S3ood: 9al 3al nibi o goom ig3ad da5il ma3aha

"Mubarak mama Ghalya tnadeek"

Mubarak sighed and stood up, Basma gave him a warm smile and he walked in Ghalya's room.

The doctor walked towards Basma and S3ood, Basma stopped him.

Basma: doctor shlon Ghalya.. 3asa ga3d tit7asan?

The doctor sighed: tabone akon 9are7 ma3akoum?

Basma nodded, S3ood held her hand tightly.

Doctor: 7alat.ha ma ga3id tit6awar o-

Basma: bas doctor la tkamil

The doctor sighed and left them.

Basma: i7sas Mubarak 9a7! I7sasa 9a7!

S3ood held Basma in his arms: ufff allah ysahil




Mubarak sat on the chair facing Ghalya's bed, she opened her eyes slowly, her face was pale she was weak, and he felt it! He felt her weakness and hated it.

Mubarak looked so tired and Ghalya noticed.


Her low voice reached his ears, he quickly stood up: na3am?

 Ghalya: mita a5ir mara nimt?

"Ams" Mubarak lied

 Ghalya raised an eyebrow, Mubarak smiled: shno?

Ghalya: ta3al insidi7 yame

 Mubarak: la mabe a2athech o-

Ghalya: Mubarak

Mubarak smiled and laid down beside Ghalya, He put his head on Ghalya's chest and her hand went through his hair, Mubarak closed his eyes while hearing Ghalya's heart beating, and when he woke up the bets were gone… Ghalya was gone.





S3ood stood up: shfech?!

Basma: atwa8a3 ine bolad!

S3ood: titwa83ain inch ib toldeen?!



Basma: S3OOOD RA7 OLAD!!!







Mubarak felt numb, he couldn’t feel anything, he couldn’t even feel the tears that were falling on his cheeks.

He sat on the floor facing Ghalya's room, her mother rushed towards him: MUBARAK!

He shook his head and covered his face with both hands, His mother rushed towards him.

Mother: Mubarak mama goom 3an el arth

Mubarak stood up and threw himself in his mother's arms: Bas 7abebe bas

Mubarak: Ghalya raa7at yuma Ghalya ra7at




Basma held her baby girl in her arm, she couldn’t take her eyes off her.

Basma: Hii!! Ana omch!

S3ood laughed and sat beside Basma and kissed her on her forehead: el 7imdallah 3ala salamtich

Basma smiled: allah ysalmik

Zayoona: shno isimha?!!

S3ood: lal7en ma 3indaha isim!

Zayoona giggled.

Basma looked at Maryam and her face was pale, she knew something bad happened.

Basma: Maryom sh9ayir?

Maryam's eyes were full of tears: Ghalya

Basma closed her eyes tightly and held her baby to her chest, S3ood held them both and sighed, Basma's tear fell on her baby's face, she quickly whipped it away.

Zayoona: ma y9eeer ma 3indaha isim!! Lazm 3indaha isim

Basma: binsameha Ghalya *sniff* isimha Ghalya

Life is so ironic, a life was taken and another life was given on the same day, Ghalya died and left Mubarak in his sadness, Basma's baby Ghalya came and made her life joyful.

All of my characters came back, they came back when they had the chance to.

Some of my character's planned the future and thought that everything will go as they wished but their plans were corrupted, their hopes were shattered and their hearts were broken, but I'm sure that some day they will come back, they'll come back to their loved ones, they'll come back to their normal boring lives again, they'll come back and pretend that their wounds are healed and that they're happy even if a part of them is missing.

-The end-


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  2. Awwww ubai 7araaaaam! :( But it was a really good ending!

    Yallah next story pleaaaase!

  3. Cashmere Poison
    Thank you;**
    Lol eenshallah soon!

  4. 9alooooooooo7aaa allah ya5ith eblesich inshallah 5alaiteeni abchy!! That was an ending mixed with happiness and saddess!! I loved it!!:D
    Pleez lat6awleen 3alaina caus ra7 noleh 3alaich!! ;D
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  8. laish :'( 7abebe Mubarak maskeen ma yistahil :(

    Once again , u never fail 2 impress us with ur wonderful endings ;*

    waiting 4 the next story? 3ad 3asa ako next story?;p
    there better be!!

    Oh ohh nsait la agool ta3leeqi 3n shaghla bl post, i have mixed feelings about Basma naming her daughter Ghalya !! its really sweet of her bas mat7iseen ina its gna be a burden (gmna ntfalsaf ashoof:p) 7g Mubarak? al7een ihee bnt i5ta w kl ma nadaha wla a7ad ynadeeha yitthakar his Ghalyaa w taglub il mawaj3, wla shtgoleen?:P

    shraych feneni wana msawya feeha story critc:P

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  9. Anon N
    Yeah :(
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    Hmm I thought about it wana aktib el post! 9a7 ina kil ma Mubarak benade bint i5ta ib yathkir his dead wife, bas laish nrakiz 3ala elsalbiya bil mawtho3? Yimkin lay nada baby '3alya ib yathkir how much did he love '3alya or when he sees baby '3alya smiling he'll remember '3alya's smile! Life is tough and we have to go on, I guess ina baby '3alya will always be there to remind him of Ghayla! its just the way u see it! Hal ra7 yikti2b o yit.thakar '3alya ele matat? aw ra7 yibtisim wyit.thakar the Love of his life '3alya?
    u know?
    Love u too;*

  10. Hmm,,,,i see ur point! 3adel kalamch ma lazm inrakiz 3ala el salbiyat fl 7ayat & that is y im going to choose the second option ile oho: Mubarak ra7 ystans w yathkr zojta Ghalya kl ma benade baby Ghalya!! Chthi il kil ra7 ystanis & everyone lives happily ever after!! :D


    -Anon N

  11. Shhaaal post!!!!! A7la oo the most emotional post I've ever read, bachaiteena Alah ehadach:p walaa enaa ur so so so talented oo can't wait for your next story:***

  12. I thank you very much for writing this story. Specifically this post.
    We live everyday and pretend that we don't suffer because of losing someone, but we do. And
    Your last paragraph made me remember the people I miss most. Whether they're dead or they're living far away from me.
    My favourite character is Ghalya. I feel like she's some kind of angel.

    Mashkoora mashkoora for this story, hal 8e9a '3air than your previous ones o I'm not such saying this, men jad
    Hal 8e9a a7la o ajmal 8e9a!!!


  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhh i've been waiting for the FINALE for ages now .. and its way better than what i was expecting .. You always manage to amaze me with every post .. and leave me speechless when it comes to writing you comment <3 Mashalla 3alaich sis .. I know you'll be back soon but till then, Your work will be terribly missed im so use to opening my dashboard every few days and finding a post .. Ahh well i shall postpone my excitement till your back :**

    Great ending i love an unexpected/realistic twist
    Cant wait for you new story :**
    Love Ya

  14. I'm sad it's over :( Bes great story! And good job! :D

  15. I like ur stories :D

    Check out my blog

  16. Am ur new follower am totally in love with the story mashallaaah mashallah you are an amazing writer ;** mn kitther ma endemajt 7aseet eniii 3aysha ma3ahoom ;) ur's N;*

  17. My gosh 3wartily galby ;O
    The whole story w ana a9ee7 ;(
    Bas its one hell of a story .. loved it <3
    Keep up the good work..

    from dubai with love xx

    Every chapter touched us.. WA9ALTAY THEIR FEELINGS DIRECT TO OUR HEARTS!
    That's what made u unique..
    Jaaaaaad ur amazing writer mashalla;*
    Men zeman mu garya story that made me cry this much!!!!!!!
    When I see the word "9al7a" I'm 100% sure thaaaaat I'll be addicted to the story without reading it!

    I'm a huge fan of 9al7a and I'm one of ur followers;*


  19. GOSH!!! Your story made me cry rivers:')
    That's probably the most touching story i've ever read.. <3

  20. this is the second time reading this story & i swear to god i'm crying right now , life is ironic , truly ironic .. someone dies & someone is born so all you have to care about is the ending , after al this life what do you have than your '7snat' ? nothing can help you , so make the best of life by enjoying it & learn from your mistakes & LOVE IT , love everything you do ... life's to short for sadness ..

  21. Okay i noe im like years late bes mashallah i love ur reading.. i read all three stories and now going to the next one! Allah ywafgich inshallah ♥

    ~N ;*

  22. OMG THIS IS THE BEST STORY I HAVE READ !! I swear I teard a bit :'( but Happy ending :') I LOVE IT OMG <3 i cant wait to read the other story but still this will be the best :') <3 ffs I CANT STOP LOVING IT :')