Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'd rather not remember.

I have nothing to say to a lot of people in my life which is very strange, I once knew a person that was a huge part of my life, A person that saw the light in every season,  I couldn’t go through the day without talking to him! And now we barely speak! I hear news about him every now and then, I see his sad eyes every time I close mine, I could hear his voice in my ears telling me to always be strong and positive, I just hope that he's doing okay, I hope that he's breathing, laughing and enjoying his life even if I wasn’t a part of it!

Ps. I miss you're funny faces!


  1. yaaay first!! la7athtay ini ma asawi comment ila lmn akoon first?! :p

  2. awww thats so sad :'( i hope that everything would go the way you want it to be

  3. 9al7a whts ur e-mail? bazlich e-mail etha ma 3adii O:) ;;)
    -no name

  4. Anon Munira
    7ayallah el first!! lol ee la7atht :p
    Thank you;**

    Anon No name
    mi9li7a-bint9ali7@hotmail.com ;D

  5. Yaaaay 7ada 3ajeeb elpost!! ;D
    I liked it!!
    Yalla waiting for the next coming posts!! ;**
    oo tc !! :D

  6. Ahlaaaaaan!!! wayid 7ilew il post!!!

    Hubba Hubba

  7. This is heartbreaking.