Thursday, June 23, 2011

Cold Nostalgia -4-


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Reem closed the door with her eyes wide open and jaw dropped, she couldn’t believe that Ali's studio  is just across the street from her apartment.

She put the cupcakes on the coffee table and sat on the couch turned the TV on and started thinking about him.

He was so different?! He saved her life and then turned out to be a rude guy and then he was her best friend's cousin and NOW he works across the street?

Something about Ali made Reem want to know more about him, his dark black hair, his sharp looks and deep black eyes, everything about him was dark even his character and she wanted to know more.

Ali sat on his office and took a deep breath, Reem suddenly popped in his life and she's… she's just not leaving it!


Ali sighed: WHAT?

Ali walked down stairs and found 2 boxes that weren’t opened.

"their labels says home"

Ali sighed and carried one box: Jake help me with the other one

Ahlaain mama!

Shlonch 7abebte?

Reem: b5aaair el7imdallah!

Mother: wain b5aair! Reema chinch tha3fana?

Reem giggled: la mama ytarawalich

Mother: ga3da takleen 3adil?

Reem: ee !!

Mother: ifff farg bain akilhoum ele mafe 6a3im o akilna!

Reem smiled.

Suddenly a big belly showed in the picture, Reem laughed

Reem: 3aboooooor wa5ray karshich shway ma gimt ashof wayh omi!

Abeer: waay Reema tadren ine ga3da an6ir el youm ele bit7amleen feh 3ala naaar! Wala la athbi7ich 6naza min awal you!

Reem and her mother laughed.

Abeer: ila agool 3asa ma 7abaitelch wa7id engalaizi min warana?

Reem laughed: waay 3abeer min 9ijch!

Abeer: ee 7abebte 3ashan bachr tyeeben 3yal shigir o zirg wana 3yale y6l3on chil7an mil7an!

Reem laughed: ila ta3alaya mita ib tolden?

Abeer: madri bas 7adii mwa9la 5ala9!

Mother: 9arlich shahar tgoolen hal jumla!

Reem laughed, she really missed her family.

Ali took out a photo frame and put it on his office, He stared at the details of the frame, the details of the happy faces that are no longer happy, the people that are no longer in his life.

The phone rang, he picked it up "hello.. yes.. aha.. yeah sure! At 9 o clock tomorrow? See u then …thank you"


Jake: what!

Ali: I'm off to the supermarket … I'll be back soon

Reem closed her lap top, dragged a chair and put it in front of the window and did what she does everyday… watch the streets, the people and sky  

She noticed a lot of colorful balloons, a guy was holding them and his face was covered by them, she noticed a blonde walking behind him and laughing with him, he held the balloons with his other hand and that's how she saw his face.

Reem: Ali?!

Ali was holding the balloons and the blonde lady was walking with him? Who is she? What are they doing with the balloons? WHAT IS SHE DOING WITH HIM?


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