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Cold Nostalgia -12-

Guwa :D

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3.  I'm so sorry for being late bas 3awathtkoum ib a long post! The story is taking a kind of new twist, I hope that u guys will like it :D

4. Since it’s the 12th post and it's 2012, this post goes to the class of 2012 :D

Enjoy it and I'll be glad to read ur feedback!!

"O hathe eljan6a o sakarnaha!"

Reem turned around and smiled.

Asma: Tdawrena?

Reem shrugged her shoulders.

Asma: tara 7ata ana madre wain ra7, ele fahamta min 3azoz ina safar bas wain? Madri!

It's been two weeks since Reem saw Ali, after their sudden honest conversation Ali disappeared ...she sometimes blamed herself for that.
Reem packed her things and was ready to head back home, back to her university and friends.


Reem took a last look at Ali's studio sighed then looked back at Asma: Yallah!

"Gi3daay ma shiba3na minch!"

Reem: la yuma banam 7ail daykha

Mother: ma bashartich? Bachr warach ga3da tro7en iljam3a triden qaidch

Reem rolled her eyes.

Mother: enshallah nawya t6awlen ejaztich ba3ad?

Reem: la baroo7.

 Twitter mentions shbekonon ya3ni!
An idea hit Reem, she sat up straight, asaweha wala la? Psht shkhasrana khal ajarib!

Reem went into twitter, searched Ali AlFlani.

She held her breath for a few seconds, closed her eyes, “Network connection is down”.

Reem: Iffffff!

Reem put her heavy head back on the pillow, closed her eyes, it's been a long and tiring day and she decided to sleep.

"Yalla ya Reem ta3abtene gomay!"

Reem stretched her arms with closed eyes, got out of bed with her eyes still closed.

Mother: haw Reema mobilch laish bedich?

Reem opened half of her eyes and took a peak at her mobile.. And there it was ...Ali's avatar.

Her eyes were wide open, she quickly clicked on the red button and sat down.

Mother: Reem?

Reem: na3am?

Mother: shfech?

Reem had a millions of thoughts and emotions going through her mind, she had no idea why was she so curious about him! Why is he so important!

Reem: mafene shay

Reem turned around put her mobile on the table, smiled at her mother and walked to the bathroom.

"Khosh ya3ni agdar abda min el isbo3 el yay?"

"Ee min 7isin 7athik inik yeet ib bidayat elcourse."

Reem: madri shalbis! Shlon el jaw bara?
Reem turned around and found her mother sitting on her couch with a straight face.

Reem: yuma shfeech?

Mother: Reem ta3alay gi3day

Reem sat on the floor in front of her mother.

Mother: golele shfech? Sh9ayir?

Reem: mu 9ayir shay!

Mother: Reem mama 3abalich ma a3arfch? Tara ana omch ya3ni khabzitich o 3aynitich.. yala ta7achay

Reem sighed.
Reem: Awal youm 7age ib London 9adaft wa7id uhh ya3ni…ma 9adafta ohwa ummm-

Mother: Eeee??

Reem smiled: ohwa taqreban anqathne!

Mother: anqithich?

Reeem giggled: ee!

Mother: Reema-

Reem: Anqathne min athnaina sikara kanaw la7gene!
Reem's mother gasped: SHNO!

Reem: Yumaa hadaay 3adat elsalfa 3ala khair!

Reem's mother had her eyes wide open: o ba3dain?

Reem: O ba3dain o ham bil 9idfa 6ala3 cousin Asom!

Mother: O ba3dain?

Reem: ajar studio jidam shaqiti o gimt ashofa kil youm

Mother: O BA3DAIN?

Reem: Ikhtifa!!!!

Reem's mother giggled: Reema hatha 7ilm? Wala musalsal?

Reem laughed yummaaaa! Min 9iji!
Mother: Inzain wain ra7?

Reem: Madri
Mother: Inzain khali9at el salfa?
Reem: Hmm ee?
Mother: Bas ha?
Reem: Eee?
Mother: Ga3da tis2ilene wala tgolele?
Reem: Yuma khali9at.. shbe9er ya3ni?
Mother: Hmm madri ya3ni maku ay i7sas mini minak?
Reem gasped then giggled: YUMMAA?
Reem's mother laughed: inzain inzain ma gilt shay ghala6! O 3ala fikra Hamad min dara inch radaitay o ohwa ydig yis2al 3anch!
Reem: aha

Mother: aha haa?

Reem: yuma!!

Mother: ok khalaas baskit!
Reem kept on staring at the building of the university, she really didn't feel like coming back .


She hopped out of her car, walked inside, and called her friend Salma.



Reem giggled: tawni dasha intay wainch?
Reem turned around and found Salma standing with her arms wide open.

Salma: Shakhbarich? Tha3fanaaa!

Reem smiled: shukraan
Salma: la tha3fana in a bad way!
Reem laughed: shukraaaan Salma!!
Salma: Yalla khanroo7 nridich 7ag jam3atna el3azeeza!
Reem: Huff yalla!
Reem and Salma walked to registration office.

He walked out of the registration office with his head sunk in his papers, he had a lot of readings to do, and he was definitely not in the mood for it.

Salma: OHHH Reema shofay el bnaya ele warach bas mu ashkara tlifen!

Reem turned her head to look behind and continued walking.

She felt like she hit a hard figure, Reem quickly turned around and saw papers flying everywhere and a guy trying to gather them.

Reem gasped: asfa!

Reem picked up a few papers and faced the guy, he lifted his head and she was completely shocked.

Aked ele ga3da ashofa mu 9ij!

Salma: AHH i7im i7na asfeeen!

Salma grabbed Reem from her hand and pulled her away.

Reem was so stunned and shocked, ma3qoola? La aked shibah qawi! Shlon? O laish o mita? La la aked mu ohwa!


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