Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cold Nostalgia -15-

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Ali was quiet all the way back home.
Faisal: 3laiwi? Shilsalfa? Shfek?
Ali: mafene shay
Faisal: mno hathe ele kalimtik?
Ali: wa7da
Faisal: wa7da o bas?
Ali: ee
Faisal laughed: ee wathi7
Ali: F9aaail shtabe to9ala?
Faisal: abe a3arif mno hathe?
Ali: mo shighlik!
Faisal: t7ibha?
Ali: LAA!!!!
Faisal: gaaalbik khafaaaaaaaaaaag?
Ali laughed: t3arif tistree7?
Faisal laughed: kaifik el sharha 3alay basa3dik
Asom agolch china shakh9 thani!! Rad china Ali ele 3arafta ib London!
Asma: madre shagolch!
Reem: tadren shlon? Bas min elyoom o rayi7 mane msalma 3alaih o ba3amla nafs ma y3amilne!!
Ali: Aso-
Asma: hmm awalan 3umrik ma tadre mno bit7ib wel 7ub eye faj2a
Ali: agool-
Ali: golay!!
Asma giggled: Ali please 3amilha zain shda3wa! Mu gilt ma ra7 t7ibha?
Ali: ee mane 7abha
Asma: ok bas khalas shyimna3 t3amilha zain?
Ali: y9eer khair
Asma: ur proving me right
Ali: khair?
Asma: khayif t7ibha!
Ali: Gitlich mane 7abha!
Asma shrugged her shoulders: ok
A week passed, Reem avoided Ali and he acted like she didn’t exist, The cold and quiet Ali is back.
Reem skipped down the stairs with one heel on and the other in her hand.
 ra7 a6ee7 ra7 a6ee7 ra7 a6ee7
Reem: AHHHH!!!!
Reem sat on the floor and laughed.
Mother: Reema shfech smila 3alaich?
Reem giggled: 6i7t!!
Jana giggled and tried to help Reem stand up: khadaay!
Father: wakhray ana asa3idha la toldeen 3alaina bas
Reem laughed.
Jana: tith7keen? el sharha 3alay basa3dich!!
Reem sat beside her mother.
Reem: yuma wain Mishary?
Mother: thakartene badig 3alaih ashofa waina!
Reem's mother looked for her mobile.
Mother: weeh nisait mobiley 3al 6awla bara! Reem mama gomay yebeeh
Reem walked outside, she noticed a lot of cars that were parked in their parking and the neighbor's  house, a lot of men were walking in and out of her neighbor's house, she grabbed her mother's mobile and walked inside.
Reem: yuba bait bo sa3ad laish za7ma? Sh9ayir?
Father: 3indhoum 3aza ya yuba, oma tiwafat allah yir7amha
Reem: allah yr7amha
Jana: tara ni9 ele bil 3aza saf6een 3indina!
Father: ee ista2thinaw mine o rithait, laish ma nwasi3 3al nass wagt 7ajat'houm lina?
Reem nodded: 9a7 kalamik
Mane nazil ban6irik bil sayara!
Inzil 7alik min 7ale salim o namshe
Shlon 7ale min 7alik ma a3arfhoum! La la t6awil.
Reem grabbed her car keys and walked outside, She noticed a car parked behind her car.
Akeed nazil y3aze, ugh khanshof etha hadle majal a6la3!
Reem got into the car.
Uff mako majal a6la3.
She looked at the mirror and noticed a guy in the passenger seat, The guy was so busy with his mobile.
Reem got out of the car and walked to the car, he didn’t even notice Reem standing, she knocked on his window, he looked up and saw Reem.
Reem froze in her place no way!
It was Ali..Ali and Reem kept staring at each other, What a coincidence!!
He put the window down, Reem finally realized that she had to talk: 3adi t7ark el sayara please?
Ali nodded, he didn’t say anything he just nodded.
Ali Olllllla yal 9idfa!!
Reem walked to her car while Ali got out of the passenger seat, Reem was so formal and cold, as if she didn’t know him…she's been acting that way for a week and he noticed it.
Reem continued walking.
Reem turned around: na3am Ali?!
Ali knew that he deserved it, he deserved Reem treating him that way, he was way too harsh with her and he deserved it, but what Reem didn’t understand is that he had his reasons… Reem had such an interesting and amazing character and he feared that knowing her better would actually make him fall in love with her and he didn’t want that.
Reem wanted him to explain himself, she just needed to understand why does he always act harsh although he has a sweet and loving heart.. she wanted him to pour his heart out but he's not allowing her to know him better.
Ali knew that this was the moment were he's supposed to say something smart to grab her attention but he had nothing in mind.
Reem: Ali?!
Ali: Reema uhh-
Reem: Ali etha ma 3indik shay tgoole yaah mo majboor tgool shay!
Reem hoped that he'd actually surprise her and tell her something, but she was really disappointed, he gave her his back and got into the car.
And he does it again… he walks away … he disappoints her.
Reem laid down in bed, today was a long day and she wanted it to end so bad, she closed her eyes.
Her mobile vibrated.
Ali AlFlani is following you on twitter.
Reem's eyes winded, she checked his avatar..yes it him.
To follow back or not that was the question.
Reem was in deep thought when her door opened.
"Reema mama lal7en ga3da?"
Reem nodded.
Mother: shfech?
Reem: mama umm tathkreen uhh-
Mother: Ali?
Reem's mother was a mind reader, she smiled.
Reem: sawale follow!
Mother: ok?
Reem: follow back?
Reem's mother smiled: he's ur friend 9a7?
Reem: uhh-
Mother: 3ayal ma yimna
Reem's mother winked with a giggle and walked outside.
Reem took a deep breath and clicked on the follow button, she throw herself on her bed.
After 15 minutes..Reem received a direct message
It was from Ali..


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