Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cold Nostalgia -11-


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The cold breezes made Reem shiver, she held her coffee closer to her face.. she closed her eyes for a few seconds trying to enjoy the cold weather.

"Ifff ya m3awad zain thiba7ne el bard!"

Reem smiled and opened her eyes, she saw Ali talking on the phone, he was giving her his back, he held his jacket tight to his chest.

"t9adig walaht 3al kheesa 3al aqal abrak min hal bard!! ila gole shlon omi? Hmm min mita? hufff… la taw el nass"

Ali turned around and saw Reem sitting down on the stairs in front of her building.

"ana akalmik ba3ad shway,, ok bye"

Ali turned around and found Reem sitting in the same place aked sma3at ni9 ele gilta..o akeed bitsawele ta7qeeq!

Reem noticed that Ali spent a few minutes staring at her. shfeh?

Reem smiled and shrugged her shoulder, Ali gave her half a smile and walked towards her.

Ali: 9aba7 el khair

Reem: 9aba7 el noor

Ali: umm shlon relch el youm?

Reem: tamam! Wayed a7san min ams, inta shakhbarik?

Ali: tamam

Ali really had no idea how to start conversations and keep them alive, he felt weird and out of his comfort zone and Reem felt that.

Reem: tabe latte?

Ali: latte?

Reem: eee sharaita 7ag bint khalik o lal7en ma yat! ishriba gabil la yabrid 7asafa 3alaih

Ali had no idea how could just say random stuff, how did she have the ability to continue any conversation.

Reem handed Ali the latte, His cold hand touched her hand.

Ali: mashkora

Reem: edik barda!

Ali shrugged his shoulders: adri

Reem stared blankly at Ali, god it was so hard to go on with a conversation with this guy! He only answers with one or two words.

Reem: umm kint t7ache okhok?

Ali: la

Reem ugh bas ta3abt no way ytikalam ib ay shay!

Ali: ma 3indi ikhwan

Reem raised her head, Ali sat on the last step, two steps away from Reem.

Ali: kint akalim rifeeje.. okho dinya ib 7isbat okhoy

Reem: nafsi ana o Asom?

Ali smiled: nafsich entay o Asom bas shelay part el nijra wel hwash ele ma yogaf

Reem laughed, Ali looked at Reem her laugh was so joyful, her smile was so wide and happy, she was a person that is full of life and joy and he was exactly the opposite.

Reem: shfek? Tha7kiti khari3itik?

Ali couldn’t help but laugh, she shocked him with the question, Reem was so glad that she actually made him laugh.

Reem: ma jawabt so2ali

Ali shook his head: la tha7kitich ma khara3atne

Reem giggled: 3adi hathe a6wal jomla gitle yaha

Ali smiled and shook his head, Reem was unexpected.

Reem knew that he was a quiet person and whatever happened to him back home made him act mean, but she's starting to see the real Ali that he's trying to hide for the past weeks.

Ali: mita bitrden el Kuwait?

Reem: madri

Ali sighed.

Reem: winta mita bitrid?

Ali: madri

Reem giggled: lay darait gole o khanrid ma3a ba3th

Ali smiled: bitriden gabli.. a9lan ga3ditich hne kilha malha ma3na

Reem raised an eyebrow: laish?

Ali: ma7ad yhid derta wetagharab 3ala wala shay

Reem: bas inta ma tadre ana laish hadait el Kuwait ana-

Ali: adri laish

Reem's eyes winded.

Ali: o ma ashofa sibab yistahil

Reem: 3ala ay asas 7akamt?! Ana wayed ta3abt o i7tijt ahid kil shay!

Ali: entay tha3aftay

Reem: o enta? Laish hadait el deera o yet hne? Hatha mu tha3f?

Ali stood up: intay ma tadren ana laish hne! Ma tadren ana laish hadait el dera

Reem: Ali gole laish?!

Ali: Reem ana law y7a9ili chan radait el dera el youm gabil bachr! Bas magdar.

Ali sighed and looked away.

Reem whispered: laish?

Reem felt like Ali's is going to finally open up and tell her why he left home.

Ali: bas.

Ali left Reem and walked back to his studio, Reem was so shocked, she couldn’t believe that he didn’t actually tell her why! He just left her sitting and walked away.

When she finally felt like their connecting he left her and walked away..


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