Friday, April 13, 2012

Cold Nostalgia -19-


1. I hope that everyone is enjoying their weekend :D!!

2. I know that you guys will hate me after this post bas shasawe lizom el 7amas :p

3. It's a LONG post!

4. This post goes to the beautiful SAA! law ma ehya chan I didn't post today :p

Enjoy it :D


Faisal: el wath3 hnee khizne wakhizik lain tishbaa3
Ali laughed and sat down: ig3aad bas ig3ad
Ali smiled at his mobile shfeha?
Reem giggled.
Maleeeq -.- I'm behind you with my handsome man!!!
Ali raised an eyebrow handsome man?
Ali turned his head, He saw Reem sitting in a table with an old man.. her father he guessed, he smiled and sat straight.
Hi Reem.
Reem's smile grew wider.
Hello Ali.
La la masha3re ga3da titga6a3!! Sa7ib 3alay?" "
Ali laughed really hard at Faisal.
Ali smiled and stood up and shook hands with his friends.
"Ma baghait trid el dera yakhii? … halaaaa bo 3alwa mishta2eeeen….Gowa bo 3alwaaaa!!"
Reem looked at how Ali's friends were so happy to see him, she looked at the way Faisal goofed around and smiled.
"na6lib el check?"
Reem: yalla
Agool f9aail mo nawe etakharaj 7abebe?
Faisal laughed: walaih entaw shfeekoum bas tkadroon kha6re!! yakhii ana 3ajbatne el jam3a! mirta7 mabe atkharaj!!
Ali laughed.
Faisal: o 3aad lay takharajjt ig3ad dawir witheefa o ikrifff! Khalne chithi mirta7
"3ala 6are elwtheefa shofaw elshayib ele ga3id ydfa3 bil knet hnak"
Ali: shfeeh?
"Bo 3alwa  ma tadre mno hatha? Hatha Msa3ad AlFlani!! Hamoooooor bil soog!!"
He was Reem's father.
"Hatha bas tiwathaf 3inda o bas to9aal lay foooog bil sog! Wayed yd3am elshabab o ystaqbil afkarkoum"
Reem noticed Ali staring at them.
Faisal: bas siktaw kahom yayen 9obna!
Reem and her father passed by Ali's table.
"Obbbbb binta maaaaaaa76!"
Ali looked at his friend: istaaa7 3ala wayhik! Sh'hal 7ache!!
"Shda3wa bo 3alwa!"
Faisal knew that Ali got pissed because he knows her: ummm hadaw el li3b yal rabi3.. obb obb china hatha akilna?
What's with the grumpy face?
Ali looked around.
Intaw mo mishaitaw? :p
Reem ma jawab elso2al
Imbala bas shiftik wana ga3da arkab elsayara
"Baas hid el mobile o ikil!!"
Akilna wi9al, I'll talk to u later :D
Reem ma jawab! huff
Bil 3afya!!
Jana: OHHH ana ele elmafroth atnasa wala entay?
Reem laughed: tyen wiyay el jam3iya?
Jana: la!!
Reem: inzain Mishary mawjod iye wiyay?
Jana: la Mishary 6ali3 o lal7en ma rad
Reem: ufff 3ayal baro7 bro7i!
Reem walked to the chocolate aisle.
She felt her mobile vibrate in her hand.
It was a direct message from Ali, she raised an eyebrow and smiled.
Ali smiled.
Reem giggled.
Inta ele bidait bil taqleeed :o!!
Ali shook his head.
Inzain 9ij booh!!
Reem shno ele 9ij booh?
Reem was typing a reply when…
Reem: AHHHH!!
Reem turned around and saw Ali standing!!
Reem: ahh jad yummma!!
Ali laughed.
Reem: ALI!
Ali smiled: hala!
Reem giggled: shlonik?
Ali: tamam intay shakhbarich?
Reem: tamam! Sh3indik hne? Thani mara ashoofik ib jam3yatna!
Ali: eee!
Reem: sakin bil shamiya?
Ali shook his head: la
Reem smiled: 3ayal sh3indik m6ayi7 ib jam3iyatna?
Ali: umm ana sakin 3ind rifeje o.. baita hne bil shamiya
Reem kept staring at Ali, why is he living in his friend's home? Why is he not at home? How come he saw his mother but he's not at home? Is his problems with his father?
A LOT of questions were going through her head!!
Ali: Reem?
Reem: hmm?
Ali: wain sara7tay?
Reem smiled and shrugged her shoulders: ma sara7t
Ali knew that she had a lot of questions that she wanted answers for but she didn’t have the courage to ask them or she feared he'd react in a bad way.

Reem opened one eye, she saw a twitter notification, she smiled and grabbed her mobile.
Hmm taqreeban :p u ok?
Ali smiled.
Yup I'm fine, 3ende leech offer :p
Reem opened both eyes.
Which is? :p
Ali took a deep breath and wrote down a reply
You get to ask me ONE question and I'll give u an honest answer.
Reem threw the cover and sat straight.
What happened?
Ali read the question over and over again, he understood what Reem meant and a part of him was expecting her to ask about his past.
Shqa9dich? What happened in what?
Reem ma3qoola ma faham shaq9id?
What happened with ur father? Why did u leave the country? What happened to make you leave everything behind for 2 and a half years!
He took a deep breath and wrote down a reply...


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