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Come back when you can (5)


1. Shlonkoum?

2.hal story feha inat wayed mo inah wa7da 3ala golat Nawarii :p, o ana agool ina el story feh wayed al'3az o kil cham post ib yin7al cham li'3z so bare with me o try to think about it :p

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Basma got out of the car, and looked up at the building.

Wa7id athnain thalatha arba3 5amis sit, A six building company.

"I wait?"

Basma: yes wait!

She walked with slow steps to the company, opened the door and entered  the lobby , it was
empty, She wanted to walk to the elevator but she had no idea what level to click.
"istatha Basma?"
A lady came to Basma and gave her a hug: Walhana 3alaich! el istath s3ood zali'3na bil sh'3il!
Basma smiled: zali'3koum bil sh'3il?
Lady: ee!! Uff ta3ab! Mn 3ugb ma sawaitay el 7adith ohwa misak el 8isim! Thiba7na bil sh'3il!

Ohwa misak el 8isim?
Basma felt so lost, she couldn’t believe that she worked here, laish oboy o Barook o Najla galaw ine ma kint asht'3il?!
Basma nodded: allah y3enkoum
Lady: so haa mita tibdain tdawman?
Basma: soon enshallah
Lady: enshallah!!
The lady clicked on level 2: maktibich nafs ma ohwa ma injas
They reached level two.
Basma heard a shout, mno hatha? Shfeeh y9ari5
The lady beside her took a deep breath: hatha istath S3ood! allah y3eena!
Basma gave her a sympathy smile.
Basma got out of the elevator and all the eyes that were on s3ood turned to Basma, everyone stood and greeted her
"Ahlaain istatha.. Ohh welcome back walhana 3alaich!.... quwa istatha.. el  7imdallah 3ala el salama"
Basma gave them a wide smile: ahlain! Allah ysalmkoum mashkooren
S3od gave Basma a quick sharp look then walked to an office.
" el shay el wa7eed ele y3rif ysawweh ohwa el 9ra5!... malee8… mn thak el youm o ohwa yan! …. Uff chan zain yfanshoona"
Basma heard all of those harsh words about S3od, She looked at them again and one of the girls jumped and gave her a wave, Basma waved back.
She looked at s3ood's door that was closed, she was hesitant to walk there, the guy was so strange and the cold stare that he gave her scared Basma.
Small chit chats started by the staff, some of them started talking, some of them started reading the newspaper, then s3ood's door opened all the voices were silent and everyone had their eyes on their computer.
Wow lay hal daraja hal s3ood y5ari3?

He looked at her for the second and didn’t even give her a reaction, not a smile, not a nod, just those scary cold stares .
Shfeeh y3amilne chine mo mawjoda? Wana shfene 3abee6a 9arli sina wagfa hne?

S3ood walked to a room right in front of Basma without even looking at her, she walked after him.
Basma: 9aba7 el 5air
S3ood was moving then his body suddenly froze, he took a deep breath then replied: 9aba7 el

Basma: s3od 9a7?
S3ood: ee
He didn’t even turn around to talk to her which pissed her off!
Basma: ummm s3od wain maktibi?

He knew that she lost her memory, but other people didn’t , the only people that knew about it were her family that's why people are expecting her to remember them when she doesn’t.

S3od turned around with a shocked face: intay yaya tdawmen?

Basma shook her head: la

S3od: 3ayal shtaben ib maktibich?

how rude can this man be?!

Basma: bashofa!

S3od sighed: ta3alay

He walked and she walked behind him, her office was exactly in front of his, he opened the door, she started looking around the office trying to catch any memory, she turned around  wanting to ask him some questions but he wasn’t there, it was like he couldn’t wait to run away.

Uff shfeh hal S3ood ma ywa6ini!

Basma came to the company not expecting that she'd have an office in it! She wasn’t expecting that she'd be a cool boss that everyone wanted back, she wasn’t expecting seeing   S3ood again.


Basma turned around, it was Najla… Akeed s3od kalmha

Basma gave her a cold stare and walked out of the office

Najla: Basooma… Basooma

Basma ignored Najla: waaaaaay Basom!

Najla grabbed Basma's arm and pulled her in the first office that was on their way.

Najla: laish 7agratne?!

Basma: laish chathabtaw 3alay!

Najla closed the door: shuush!

Basma: shno ush?! Najool ga3adt el youm el 9ib7 as2al Barok etha asht'3il ygoole la! As2al oboy ygoole la2! AS2ILICH INTAY O TGOOLELE LA!

Najla: Basoma-

Basma: o ba3dain lama aye el sharika alage el kil ysta8bilne! O el kil y3rfne! O ygoole yala mita itdren tamskeen el 8ism s3od yanana! EL KIL YADRI ANA MNO WANA MA A3RIF AAD! Hatha mo kafe?! Mo kafe ham 3ala galbi?! Ba3ad tg9on 3alay?! Laish?! Shele be2athir fekoum etha giltole ine asht'3il? So what?!

Najla: Basoma el salfa 6iweel 5anta7acha feha bil bait

Basma: La Najol binta7acha feha al7en! O abe sibab! Abe sibab!

"La2ane 5athait Mukanich"

Basma turned around and found s3od, It was his office, she was so pissed off and she didn’t even notice that it was S3ood's office.

Basma: na3am?

S3ood: 5athait Mukanich

Basma walked closer to s3od: 5athait mukani?! shno ya3ni?

S3od: ya3ni ana 5athait mukanich bil sharika

Basma:  5athait mukani? yadi 9a7ib el sharika etha ma tadre!

S3od was so mean to Basma and she wanted to be mean to him too.

S3ood: adri

Basma: ana kint a3rfik gabil el 7adith? Mo ma38ola kint asht'3il ma3a wa7id nafsik!

Basma took a deep breath.

Basma: Aked ma kint a3rfik!

S3ood's face suddenly turned pale as if he just saw a ghost, he put his eyes in Basma's eyes and her heart ached for him, he looked so hurt…but she didn’t mean to hurt him plus he's too mean to everyone why can't she be mean to him?! She didn’t understand why did he look so hurt.

S3ood: la ma kintay t3rfene

He got up and walked out of the office and slammed the door behind him.

Basma: ugh! Hathe shfeh ba3ad!

Najla sighed, Basma put her hand on her heart and took a deep breath 

Why did her heart ache for him? Why did she see pain in his eyes?  


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