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Come back when you can (17)


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Enjoy it;**


Three boring days passed, Basma slept every night with S3ood's pullover in her arms.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH! ana abeeh tgoom "

"Shuush Zayoona bas!"

Basma opened her eyes and smiled: Zayooona gimt al7en ayech!!

Basma heard Zaina's giggles behind her door, She got out of bed put the pullover in her closet and walked to the bathroom.




"S3oood!! Yalla goom"

S3ood: ma 3indi dawaaaaaaam!

Mother: haw adri! Yala goom ana o obok bnroo7 el shalaih

S3ood's eyes were wide open: bas intaw? El shabab bero7on?

Mother: madri kalimhoum!

S3ood: ok intaw ro7aw sbgoone

Mother: ok

S3ood quickly grabbed his mobile and sent a broadcast for his cousins and told them to go to their grandmother's shalaih.

He jumped out of bed and walked to the bathroom.




Basma felt something weird going on, Her mother was sitting on the couch next to her grandmother and Maha was in the kitchen baking a cake with her sisters, Maryam and Zaina was in their room upstairs.

Basma: Maha ta3alay gi3day ma3ay!

Maha: la7tha shway! 5ayfa 3al cake ti7tirg!

Basma sighed and walked out of the shalaih, and she was surprised that Bnaider was full of life and people!

Basma: ohhh faj2a!

She heard her grandmother giggle: el youm el yim3a mako dawamt wala midaris!

Basma nodded: ee 9a7!




S3ood got in his car

A7sb ashwaagi ana '3aabat athaari el shoug taw ma faaag

Nawal's voice filled the car, S3ood put the windows down and drove off



 The ladies ate their lunch and were enjoying their gossiping time with tea, until mama
Fatima came announced that the men are coming.

Maha: yoooh! Lazm yijoon we5arboon 3alaina?

"Maaho yal kathaba! Taben ti8n3eena ink ma ishtigte lizoojik?"

Basma giggled & Maha blushed.

Grandmother: ba5ith el 5adam el shalaih yratboona lihoum

Basma: ay shalaih?

Najla: ma la7athtay el shalaih ele yamna fathe?

Basma nodded.

Najla: hatha shalaihna… lama iyon ahal el S3oodiya i7na el 7areem nig3ad ib shalaihkoum wil riyayeel ib shalaihna

Basma nodded: aaaaaha!

Mama Fatima made sure that the Shalaih were the men will be staying was clean.

Basma: ya36eeech el 3afya we5aleech lina ya rab!

Just before her grandmother opened her mother they heard car horns

Grandmother: o hathail el riyayeel w9alaw

Basma giggled: o laish el hirnat?

Najla: Barook o Badoor lazm el iz3aaaj!

Basma smiled.





Basma smiled: ahlain Barook

Mubarak: haaa shil a5bar?

Basma: mashi el 7al

Mubarak: enshallah 3jibich shalaihna 6al 3umrch

Basma smiled: 3ajabne

Basma looked around, she noticed that Fay wasn’t in the shalaih since the morning.

Basma: Maryom wain Fay?

Maryam: ib shalaih ahalha!

 Basma: aha



 Basma looked around Maryam and Maha suddenly disappeared, Zaina was sitting on the couch with a polite smile on her face, Something was strange!

When Basma was approaching Zaina, Her grandmother pooped out of nowhere.

Grandmother: Basoma taben intimasha?

Basma smiled: yalla!

Basma and her grandmother walked on the sea shore, both of them were silent until her
grandmother decided to break the silent, Basma's eyes were on S3ood's shalaih she didn’t see
anyone standing

Grandmother: hatha shalaih-

Basma: yadat S3ood? *sigh* ee adri

Her grandmother raised an eye brow: shdarach?

Basma: kint al3ab ma3a Zayoon o faj2a i5tifat! Wala alageeha ga3da yam 3ayooza tishrab may!

Her grandmother giggled, Basma smiled.

Basma: zafait.ha wala el 3ayooza tnadene ib ismi o darait inah t3rfna

Grandmother: o galatlich inha yadat S3ood

Basma nodded.

Grandmother: aha

They walked a few steps, Basma stood and faced her grandmother.

Grandmother: shfech 7abebte ta3abtay??

Basma: la… Mama Fatooma bagolch shay

Her grandmother was looking behind Basma with a smile on her face, Basma turned around and found S3ood talking on the phone, Her heart nearly stopped she was really happy to see him.

Basma: mama Fatima bagoolich shay!

Grandmother: goolay

Basma: S3ood gali!

Grandmother: galich?

Basma: ee gali kil shay! Gali ina kan rayle o gali ina tahawashna gabil el 7adith o ine 6ala3t mn el bait o hadaita o ba3dain sawait el 7adth o ina ahale galoola ina ohwa el sibab o-

Grandmother: Basma 7abebte ihyda!

Basma was talking nonstop, She took a deep breath and put her hand on her forehead.

Grandmother: imshay el shalaih

Basma and her grandmother walked to the shalaih, Basma opened the door and the lights were off.

Basma: maa-


Basma's eyes were wide open.

Everyone suddenly popped out of no were and Najla was holding a cake.

"Happy birthdaaaay to you! happy birthday to Basoooma happy birthdaaaaaaaaay to you"

Basma giggled, She couldn’t stop smiling: mashkoooreeen

Everyone walked outside and put the cake on the table, Basma blew her 24 candles with a huge smile on her face.




Everything went back to normal after dinner, the men went to their shalaih, and the woman went inside because the weather was getting colder, Basma rapped a scarf around her neck and walked outside.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, Basma kept her eyes closed.


Basma heard Zaina whisper.

Basma giggled and whispered back: na3am?

Zaina ran and took out a small box from behind a bush and came running to Basma.

Zaina: hatha 7agich

Basma smiled: aww!! 7abebte Zayoona mashkora

Zaina put her tiny finger on her lips: shuush!

Basma giggled: asfa asfa

Zaina: hach

Basma took the box from Zaina: mashkora

Zaina: S3ood 3a6ane yah gaal 3a6eeh Basoma bas la7ad yshoof *giggle*

Basma's smile grew wider she quickly looked around and found S3ood walking away, When she was about to call him.

"Basma mama ta3alay da5il el dinya bard"

Basma's mother interrupted her plan: enshallah

Basma took the box from Zaina and rushed to her room and locked the door, She took a deep breath and sat on her bed.

Buuuz buuuz

Basma heard her mobile, It was a message from S3ood.

Happy birthday Basoma ;)

Basma's smiled grew wider, She opened the box and found a pink scarf.

Basma: *gasp* abaih hatha el scarf!! Hatha el scarf!

Basma put her hand on her mouth: ma a9adig!

Basma quickly started typing a message

Thank you S3ood! Thanks a lot!
Is that scarf what I think it is?

Basma smiled and rapped the scarf around her neck.

Your welcome :)
Yup, Hal scarf kan ythakirne fech o al7en rad lich

Basma: laish radle yah dam ohwa el shay el wa7eed ele ythakra fene?! *sigh*

laish radaita le?

Basma wore her cardigan and walked down stairs, Everyone entered their room to go to sleep, all of the girls gathered in one room to watch a movie so she knew that no one would be there to annoy her.

She slid the door open and stepped outside, a cold breeze hit her she shivered, She heard her mobile buz .

3ashan ansach

Basma's eyes were full of tears! She couldn’t believe that the person that she started to fall in love with wants to forget her!

She looked at S3ood's shalaih and she saw a figure standing, Basma walked to the sea barefoot, Her feet were frozen but she didn’t care, She couldn’t believe that S3ood is giving up on them!

"Basma? "

Basma quickly turned around and found S3ood standing.

Basma: na3am?!

S3ood: shim6al3ich mn el shalaih hal 7aza?! tadren el sa3a cham?!

Basma ignored S3ood and faced the sea.

S3ood: Basma! Ana ga3d a7ache mno?!

Basma: ga3id it7achene! Wana mabe arid 3alaik!

S3ood: BASMA!

Basma turned around: laish tabe tinsani S3ood?! Laish?

S3ood was shocked, he didn’t think that she'll have the courage to ask him that question.

Basma: 6oool ma inta tsolifli 3ana kint tgool ina wigafna thid ahalna kilhoum 3ashan ba3ath! Wal7een ib kil basa6a tridli el shay el wa7ed ele ythakrik fene!! o laish? 3ashan tinsani?!

S3oood: Basma-

Basma: S3ood please 5alne akamil!

Basma gasped and wiped her tears away: S3ood ana nisait! Ana nisait kil shay o 9adigne el nisyan ma yrayi7! El nisyan yta3bik zyada! Widi athkir! Widi athkir shay wa7id kan ib 7ayati! Widi athkir isim… Maw8if… aay shaaay! Mane gadra! Mane gadra athkir! O tadre shkithir ga3da at3ab la2ane mo ga3da athkir?! GA3D AT3AB WAYED!

S3ood sighed and put his hand on his chest.

Basma sighed: el nisyan ma yrayi7!

S3ood walked closer to Basma.

Basma: a7is *gasp*

Basma put her hand on her heart: a7is ako shay yarbi6ne fek! Shay kil ma ri7t 3an bali yridne lik! Shay kil ma a8arir ine ansak ygooli laa! Basma la t7awleen…. Shay y5alene kil ma a'3amith 3aini alage wayhik jidami! S3ood abe athkirik! Abe athkirik akthar mn ay shay bil dinya bas mane gadra!! Mane gadra!


Basma broke down, she got down on her knees and cried, S3ood felt so weak at that point he couldn’t imagine the amount of pain that she's going through and he couldn’t believe that he was about to give up on her when she needed him, he sat on his knees in front of her and cupped her face.

S3ood: shuush

Basma lifted her head and saw tears in his eyes, tears that didn’t leave his eyes they just filled them.

Basma: ta3abt!
 S3ood: adri!

Basma unwrapped the scarf from her neck and gave it to S3ood.

Basma: 5ala 3indik please 5ala 3indik! 3al a8al bathmin ina ako shay ythakrik fene!

S3ood let go of Basma's face and took the scarf: Basma intay ma ti7tajain shay yathminlch inch 3ala bali! La2anch dayman 3ala bali ma3a aw bidon el scarf!


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  5.'3me'6oon! te3awer elfad Basma, ma testahil elle 9ar leha. OO s3ood is adorable. I love him<3


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