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Come back when you can (16)


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Basma was sitting on the sand, She could feel the sand being cold underneath her, She saw the sun drawn in the sea in front of her, she felt the warm rays turn into cold breezes, Basma saw S3ood's face every time she closed her eyes.

Basma knew that she stayed on the shore for a long long time, Because long hours past after sunset, and all the noises of the kids disappeared which was a sign that they went to sleep, She was really shocked from herself for staying alone in the dark in front of the sea all that time.


Basma gasped, She knew that it was her grandmother's voice: na3am?

Grandmother: hatha mobileych 7abebte?

Basma nodded.

Grandmother: ran gabil shway

Basma raised her eyebrows , no one ever called her beside Najla and her family and they were here with her, plus it was a bit late!

She took her mobile from her grandmother: mashkora

Grandmother: el 3afo 7abebte

Basma clicked on her mobile.

1 missed call.

S3ood Al Flani

Basma's heart beat went faster just by reading his name, She unconsciously smiled, When she lifted her head, Basma found a big smile on her grandmother's face.

 Basma giggled she felt like her grandmother knew that S3ood called her! She quickly clicked on the green button and saw her grandmother walk to the Shalaih.





 Basma: alooo

S3ood: quwa Basma

Basma: ahlain! allah ygaweek

S3ood: Shlonch?

Basma:b5air inta shlonik?

S3ood: el 7imdallah b5air

Basma: umm china 9ottik ta3ban?

S3ood sighed: tadren ba3ad el dawam mo ma ysawi

Basma giggled: laa madri! Ma athkir ta3ab el dawam… solifli 3ana!

S3ood: la yuba la asoliflich 3ana 5alich chithi a7sanlich!

Basma: allah y3eenik!

Basma and S3ood went silent for a minute, Both of them enjoyed the silence between them.

S3ood cleared his throat: umm dagait 3alaich 3ashan-

Basma: umm ee?

S3ood: kint abe el awrag ele 3a6aitch yaha thak el youm

Basma was kind of disappointed.

Basma: umm ma3ay bas bil bait wana ib Bnaider al7en

S3ood: ee adri

If he knew that she was in Bnaider why did he call and ask about the papers?

Basma: okay? Fa 3ashan chithi el awrag mo ma3ay

S3ood: umm ee adri

Basma: S3ood feek shay?

S3ood: la mafene ila el 3afya…. Bas-

Basma: bas?

S3ood: mazaji mi3tifis el youm

Basma sighed: had a39abik o irta7 hatha el sh'3il ba3ad o adri oboy 3asir bil ta3amul

S3ood: 9a7

Basma giggled: may5alif 7awil ita7amal

S3ood sighed.

S3ood wanted to tell her that he used to have her beside him and she'd help him go through any problem but she's not around him anymore and he can feel emptiness in his soul and everything around him.

Basma: naam rayi7 nafsik

S3ood: asif 5athait mn wagtich o-

Basma: la 3adii… S3ood shda3wa!

S3ood: ti9b7een 3ala 5air Basma

Basma: t9ba7 3ala 5air S3ood



 Basma clicked on the red button and closed her eyes.


Basma stood up and walked to the shalaih.




S3ood opened the drawer near his head and pulled out Basma's pink scarf.

 He laid down on bed and held her scarf to his chest, S3ood closed his eyes and held the scarf closer to his chest, Basma's scent filled the room, S3ood smiled he couldn’t believe that after all this time the scarf still smells like her.




Basma wore her pajamas and walked to the black suit case that Mubarak put in her closet, She unzipped it and took out the pullover that she was confused about in the morning, she wasn’t confused about it anymore she knew that it was S3ood's pullover.

She laid down on bed and held the pullover to her chest, Basma closed her eyes and sniffed it, she knew that it was S3ood's smell and wanted to hold it in her nose as much as she can, Basma smiled she couldn’t believe that the pullover still smells like S3ood.


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