Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cold Nostalgia -5-


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Ali walked to his studio let go of the balloons and put his head phones on.

"Tawik tije yali 5athait min el 3umir 7ilma o ribee3ah… tawik tije yali el 5adir 3indik ma3y 3ada o 6ibee3a"

Rwaished's voice filled Ali's ears, He tilted his head to the right a bit, something wasn’t right, Jake tilted his head with Ali.

Jake patted Ali on his shoulder: what's wrong?

Ali took off his head phones: ha?

Jake: what's wrong?

Ali: I don’t know! Something is missing

Reem took her bicycle and took her usual spin around the block, the wind swayed along with her hair, she smiled.

Reem noticed a bunch o kids walking in the block with birthday hats, their giggled and smiles made her smile, she turned around and followed them.


Ali rushed down the stairs and his eyes winded, he stared at the kids with a straight face: ahh too many, this is too much

Jake laughed and shook his head: come on kids follow me

The kids walked behind Jake while Ali took  a deep breath, he didn’t know how to handle kids

Reem stood in front of the studio, she realized that Ali was having  a photo shoot with a bunch o kids, she smiled they looked so cute but Ali was obviously out of his comfort zone, Reem took a step towards the door, she thought she might help.

Adish? La la7tha sheda5ilne? 3ashan afashil 3umri!

Reem raised her head and saw Jake waving at her and asking her to come in, she smiled and  shook her head, he put his hands together and begged her to come, Reem sighed.

Ali: ok kids! Uhh lets gather up in the middle please.

The kids started jumping up and down once they saw the balloons, Ali took a few snaps of them he walked to the other room to bring some costumes suddenly the room was quite, he didn't hear any sound, millions of thoughts went through his head one of them was maybe Jake killed them all?

He walked back and saw someone sitting on the floor facing the kids and braiding one of the girls hair, the kids were giggling, the girls were jumping waiting for their turn to get the braid done.

"So!? Are we ready"

Kids: yeeeeeees

Reem turned around and Ali was staring at her with a blank face.

Reem al7en ban6ird!

Ali sakitat.houm?

Reem: uhh-

Ali: shitsawen hne?

Reem gulped: umm kint-

Jake:  Ali!

Ali stared at Reem then walked to the kids, Reem kept on staring at the wall in front of her , how could he just drop harsh comments and move on as if nothing just happened?

Reem turned around and walked to the door, Jake rushed behind her

Jake: where are you going?

Reem: I'm leaving

Jake: noooo! We need you

Reem smiled and whispered: he won't admit that right?

Jake laughed and whispered back: never

Ali threw himself on the couch and took a deep breath, a long and tiring photo shoot was over, he lifted his head and found Reem standing, she really helped him today, the kids were so happy and quiet with her! She had a way with them.

Reem looked at Ali his eyes were closed, he didn’t open his mouth with a word to her during the photo shot her just ignored her presence.

Reem grabbed her purse and walked to the door, then she stopped after hearing her name.


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