Monday, August 8, 2011



I know that you guys were expecting a post but let me start this with a fact, I know that I've been a really bad blogger lately o 9ayra a6awil 3alaikoum bil posts but I have my reasons, this year was one the best years of my life, a lot of changes happened in me and in my life in 2011.

Some of the changes that happened in my life this year were incredibly overwhelming, some of those changes got me down for a while but I'm back on my feet now, ele bagoola ohwa ine ga3ida amir ib fatra MAYNONA ib 7ayati! A lot of things happened a lot of things will happen I feel that I'm lost, I'm a bit scared and I need to think about everything with a clear mind and I can't do that when I have the blog on my mind! So please bare with me? Fatra o t3ade I promise, I'll take a break and I'll be back soon, very soon enshallah!

wa shukran;*
Ps: mbarak 3alaikoum baje elshahar ;)


  1. I understand that everyone needs this break at some point&you deserve it:)

    Ps; La6awleen tara 7adi walhana 3alaich enty ou elpostat malootch<3!


  2. Could it be ... am hearing wedding bells on their way?? :P
    hagweti chethiiii : P looool
    i5thy ra7tch 7abeebti :') watever it is Allah ywafgch w 7af'9ech rabi

  3. take your time. we've been waiting for so long i guess we can wait more? dont you agree guys :D? haha, anyways cant wait for your next post and try to calm things down! 3adi lat7ateen elblog n7na ngdar ntraya! 5the wagtch! (i hope u understand emarati) LOL,
    love u xoxo

  4. Awww, YOU'RE NEVER A BAD BLOGGER! We'll be waiting for you tillyou settle down, but dont keep us hanging for too long and forget us ! <3


  5. take ur time and lat8ooleen inich a bad blogger bl 3ax i love ur post mashalla yalla e5thay ra7tich oo ensay ena 3ndich blog ela lama t'hdee elimoor ba3dain post ;*

  6. Wedy a3aref minu entay !!!!!!!!! ;p o shma3na msawya follow 7ag cham shakh9 bas eb twitter ?;p my friends but u dont know them shakh9yan bs ana ma saweteeli ;(