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Come back when you can (14)


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Basma took a deep breath and walked inside.

Aked ma shaf S3ood! Shlon beshoofa etha ana ele babe kan ib wayh el bait o S3ood el 9ob el thani

Basma entered the house and walked upstairs, she wanted to rush to her room but her father's voice stopped her.


Basma stood in her place: na3am

"Mno ele ga6ich el bait?"

Basma took a deep breath then turned around.

Basma: nisait adig 3ala Shayi5 o lama 5ala9 el dawam o el sharika kanat fathya o-

"Basooma mn ele ga6ich?"

Basma gulped: S3ood

Basma's father walked towards her: Basma baba shlon rada ma3a rayal '3areeb?! Sh.hal ta9arufat hathe?! Mo binti ele tirkaab ma3a rayal '3areeeb!

Basma wanted to scream her head off and tell her father that s3ood is her husband not a stranger.

Basma: baba el sharika fithat mafeha a7ad!! O nisait adig 3ala shayi5 o-


Basma closed her eyes and put her hand on her forehead.

Father: 9a7 ine sima7tlch trdeen 7ag el sh'3il o inch itdawmeen bil 8isim ele ysht'3il feh
S3ood bas inch tro7en witrden ma3ah wala inch it6geen wiyaah 9u7ba

Basma: yuba! El sharika kanat fathya! Mako ay a7ad ela s3ood!

Father: law el dinya tifthaaa tiftha ma tgarben yam S3ood!!!

Basma was so shocked and pissed off! S3ood was such a nice person and he was her HUSBAND! He was so in love with her and she could feel his love sparkle in his eyes .

Basma: LAISH?! LAISH?! Yuba laish chithi kilkoum thid S3ood?!

Father: gitlich ohwa el sibab wara el 7adith

Basma shook her head: shno ya3ni ohwa el sibab?! Ohwa ele da3amne?! Ohwa ele galab sayarte?! Ohwa ele 5atha thakirte mine?!

Father: BASMA! 5ula9at el mawtho3 mabi ashoofch 9oba wala tkalmena ela bil sh'3il!

Basma: enshallah

She turned around and found Mubarak standing, he gave her a weak smile, he didn’t like the way their father was dealing with the "S3ood" problem but he couldn’t say anything.

Basma entered her room, she threw herself on bed and closed her eyes tightly , Basma stayed in bed until she heard her mother calling her for lunch, She stood up and walked to the dining table.

"Haw Basoma ma badaltay hdoomch?"

Basma shock her head, grabbed a chair and sat down, she stared at the food in front of her.

Mother: shno taben a7i6lich

Basma: 3adi ay shay

Awkward silence filled the place, Basma was thinking deeply , she was too busy thinking about S3ood, she only knew the truth for a week now and the only person that is occupying her thinking and mind was S3ood, Basma felt that Mubarak is sensing that something changed but he didn’t say a word.

Mubarak's spoon fell on the floor, the noise that it made brought Basma back to reality.

Mother: weeh ma gitlkoum! Ahalna mn el S3oodiya ib yo9loon el youm bil lail o yadatkoum 3zimat.houm 3ala el shalaih bachr!

Mubarak: waih ma i3zimat.houm ila ib ni9 el isboo3?! 3indina dawamt!

Mother: waaih bnsaweeh yam3at 7areem ele bil shalaih wintaw yal shabab btkonon ma3a ba3ath hne! Lay 9ar el 5amees tyolina

Mubarak: aha o el banat ma 3indhoum dawamt?

Mubarak looked at Basma, He knew that she's going to the company to spend more time with S3ood, as much as he wished it wasn’t true but he felt that something is going on between the two of them.

Mother: el banat lihoum baje el isboo3 off!

Mubarak: la wala?!

Mother: ee wala… 8arar rasmi mn yadik

Their mother giggled, Basma gave her a quick smile.

Mother: Basooma mama zahbay jan6itich 7ag el shalaih

Basma nodded.

Father: bt'3ayroon jaw 3adil bil shalaih! O hal ayam el jaw 3ajeeb bil lail

Their mother nodded.

Basma: umm ahalna ele bil S3oodiya-

Basma's mother didn’t even wait for her to finish the sentence: yhablooon!! A'3labhoum
banat kubrkoum intay o Najool! Kintaw wayed tistanson ma3ahoum

Basma nodded.




Basma felt like the shalaih thing was her father's plan to take her away from S3ood, She rubbed her eyes and sat on the couch in her room, She stared at the window in front of her… the sun was setting and the darkness filled her room.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, Basma was so sick of the idea of remembering! As much as she tried to remember anything about her life before the accident she couldn’t and she hated that fact! And it always got her down, and she always felt empty like something was missing, like someone was missing!




-The next day-

"Sbigoona el shalaih!!"

Basma put her track pants in the bag and sipped it.

"Basoma la tinsain ta5thenlich jacket bard 3alaich bil lail"

Basma walked to her closet, she pulled a jacket so hard the hanger hit her forehead.

Basma: aaaa7

She rubbed her forehead and looked up: shno hatha?!

Basma reached her hand to grab a black suit case that was in her closet, She stood on her tip tops and jumped then grabbed it, Basma giggled at herself she never thought that she was that short!

She opened the suit case and found a mobile, wallet and a pullover.

Basma was just about to open the wallet her mother stormed into the room she quickly grabbed the suit case and put it in her closet.

 "Yalla Basooma jahza?"

Basma: ee

Mother: inzain jan6itich 5al9a? ewadonha el sayara?

Basma nodded.

When her mother was about to pick up the bag Basma shouted: LAAA! Ma khalast

Her mother: waay 5ara3tene! Tawni sa2ltich giltay khalast!

Basma had a new idea! She thought of putting all the stuff that she found in her suitcase so she could take them with her and know the story behind them.

Basma: nisait shay

Her mother sighed: lama t76eeen hal shay nazleeha ib nafsich o la t6awleen! Ta2a5arna 3al jima3a o '3adahoum ma3ana.

Basma nodded: enshallah

Her mother left the room, Basma quickly grabbed all the things that were in the black suitcase and put them in her colorful shalaih suitcase, She left her room and rushed down the stairs.




Basma pretend to be sleeping the whole ride to Bnaider, She wasn’t in the mood for her mother's long talks and conversations about her big wide social life!

She was sure that the suit case wasn’t there before! She never saw it, She never noticed it, Something about it was weird! And something about it suddenly being in her closet was weird!!



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