Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cold Nostalgia -2-


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3. 6awfaw all mistakes la2ana as I said I'm sleepy :p

4. Don't jump to conclusions and dont judge the characters ni6raaaw ni6raaw :p

Enjoy it;**


Reem wore her off-white blazer and was ready to go, she stood in front of the mirror and
stared at her reflection, she wore a black dress and an off white blazer and put her hair in a messy bun.

Her mobile buzzed it was a message from Asma with the address.

Reem picked up her clutch and walked out of her apartment.

Ali turned around: na3am?

Asma stared at her cousin for a while.

Ali: umm Asom?

Asma: ufff sha3rik ybi6 el chabd rida lay wara shway!

Ali: agooool

Asma: goool

Ali: 3a6eena mgafach  

Asma: waay maleeeq!

Ali walked away from Asma.

Asma: agool 3laiwi

Ali turned around: 5air?

Asma: bitye Reema refejti chan zain t3amilha zaaaain!

Ali raised an eyebrow: o shfeeha mu3amalte?

Asma giggled: la abad ma feha shay

Reem got out of the cab and stood in front of the gallery, it was full of people she took a deep
breath and walked inside, she looked around for familiar faces but didn’t find any, Reem grabbed her mobile to call Asma.


Reem raised her head and found Asma standing.

Reem: ahlain Asooma!

Asma: allah sh.hal kash5a

Reem was about to open her mouth when she heard her name again.


Reem turned around and found Asma's mother: 5alti Nora!


Reem: b5air el 7imdallah

"Ta3alay 5al a3arfch 3ala ahalna! Kilhoum yayen ma59ooo9 7ag 3alawi"

Reem greeted everyone with a smile on her face

"o hatha oboy"

Asma giggled, Reem smiled.

Asma's father was talking on the phone "baini o bainik zain ma yaw…walaw ina aked 7az ib kha6ir 3ali bas a7sanla"

Reem noticed that Asma took a deep breath.
"Bo 3alwa.. psst! Bo 3alwa"

Ali: 5air?

"Mnu el mazyoona ele ma3a omi?"

Ali turned to his left and saw a familiar face, he was sure that he saw her somewhere , he
wasn’t sure that it was the same person that he had in mind, a young lady stood beside Asma, she was wearing a black dress, her eye were the first thing that caught his attention.

Ali: la aked mu ihya

"Mnu mo ihya??"

Ali: 3azoz 7abebe iglib wayhik

Aziz: afa! Shda3wa bu 3alwa!

Ali: yallah 9abrik!

Aziz: bo 3alwa 6wil balik ma3ay! ana ib mood ene a7ib! dash hal mazaj ib qiwa el youm!

Ali: bas el youm ib mood inik t7ib? inta kil youm 7ab!

Aziz laughed.
Ali turned to the opposite side where Reem was standing, a million thought went through his head ma38ola tkon ihya? O shili yayibha hne?

Ali got himself  busy with the people while Reem took a tour around.

Reem was staring at a photo, it was a photo of a young girl crossing the street she was wearing a tutu, the whole picture was black and white and the girls tutu was pink.

Reem smiled and kept on staring, she felt that the photographer was a sensitive person, and a sad one, Most of the photos were black & white, most of the people in the photos were sad, some of the photos had a glance of hope with their pale colors.


Reem: Asoma! Way shofaay hal 9o-

Asma: Reem Al Flani

Reem turned around and found a guy standing beside Asma, her eyes winded she couldn’t believe that it was HIM!

Asma: a3arfich 3ala mu9awirna el mubdi3 Ali Al Flani!

Asma nudged Ali, he stretched his hand towards Reem's hand.


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